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A global community of women rewriting the definition of what it means to LEAD

All Women L.E.A.D.  was created with the intention of becoming a source of support for women in all areas of leadership. Since the launch of this initiative, our events have become a safer space for women to connect and know they are not alone.

The All Women L.E.A.D. “Authentically Yours” community – is a virtual hub for our speakers and supporters to continually learn, grow and share together!

Mission: A global community of women rewriting the definition of what it means to LEAD.

Vision: Through inspired connections and shared experiences, we will become the worlds #1 empowerment network for women in leadership.


“Honest Expression” of feelings, thoughts and experiences.

“Safer Spaces” to come together in community.

“Inspiring Equitable Action” through advocacy.

“Women Empowering Women” through authentic connection.


Why You Should Join

Our goal for the All Women L.E.A.D. “Authentically Yours” community is to create a space for women in leadership to have “real talk” conversations without judgement, guilt or shame, including benefits such as:

  • Save 50% off International Womens Day Event
  • “Real Talk” Monthly Discussion Questions
  • Networking Opportunities
  • LEAD-ers Library
  • Resources for Professional Development
  • Connecting with Like-Minded Women
  • Spotlight Member Takeover Days

Upcoming Events


September 25, 2023

The Take Your Place speaker series has been created to speak to the mind-heart connection of women who know what they can do but are not living out what they can do. All Women L.E.A.D. has become a space where women feel intentionally supported to be completely vulnerable to discuss the unfairness, stereotyped messages and challenges that can be unique to women no matter what leadership role she plays.

Mojdeh Cox


Rachel Wells


Carolynn Conron


Bonnie DePaul



November 27, 2023

We welcome the SECOND event of the season: Empower. As women, we are ALL LEAD-ers. Join us on November 27, 2023 from 5PM-6:30PM to be a part of our fantastic community by joining this event. This event will be facilitated by: Mojdeh Cox Speakers: 1) Candace Sampson - Owner and Host at What She Said Talk 2) Barbara Schreiner-Trudel - Minister, Author, Speaker and Joy Coach 3) Rosita Hall- Professional Speaker, Trainer, Performance Coach, Canadian Best Selling Author

Mojdeh Cox


Barbara Schreiner-Trudel


Candace Sampson


Rosita Hall


Corporate Opportunities

As a business owner, have you recognized the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives for you and your team? Join the many employers who are enjoying the benefits of our valuable content and resources!

Whether you’re interested in our rebroadcasted events or providing your team with memberships to our community, we have a lot to offer to fulfill your DEI needs.

Contact [email protected] for more information and pricing.

Meet the Hosts

Jennifer Slay

Jennifer Slay

Jennifer has been a registered Social Worker in the city of London for the last 23 years. In addition, she is a dynamic motivational speaker, certified life coach, counsellor, author and trainer having earned an Honors Bachelor degree in Anthropology & Social Work and a Master’s degree in Social Work. She was chosen as one of the recipients of the Queen Elizabeth the II Diamond Jubilee medal in 2013 for her community work and was chosen as one of Canada’s women of confidence in the national publication, Chatelaine magazine. In 2022, Jennifer’s business was one of three finalists in the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics.
Melissa Maloney

Melissa Maloney

Melissa is a corporate executive, an entrepreneur, a professor and a mentor. She is a curator and creator of amazing cultures and is passionate about helping people be incredible leaders. With 25 years of operational and sales leadership experience, she knows the value of not just focusing on what to do, but actually focusing on HOW to do it. Melissa was selected as one of the Top 20 under 40 in 2018 for London Inc Magazine and is an active member of the London community serving on many boards and mentoring many young people in business.

What Women Are Saying

It was great to meet and learn from local women. I'm looking forward to more.

Great format, great content. I loved the back and forth presentation.

I loved the enthusiasm of the event and hosts.

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